FLINK Rental Affiliate Program

Travel- and tech specific webpage- and blog operators can now offer their visitors a special service and earn some extra money at the same time.

With this program FLINK offers the opportunity to participate in a unique service for travelers in over 100 countries worldwide directly, permanently and without significant effort.

FLINK offers travelers in over 100 countries worldwide a fast and unlimited internet connection through a single rentable mobile WiFi hotspot.

With a mouse click travelers can rent a FLINK Hotspot – and the affiliate can earn up to 12% on commission. There is even a sign up bonus of €50!

  • 12 % commission
  • Tiered commission: 1st tier 12%, 2nd tier 3%
  • Cookies are stored 30 days
  • Signup bonus €50
  • Payment at the end of each month (min. €150)
  • Average rental length of customers: 14 days
  • Paypal or bank transfer

How it works:

  • Make Website / Blog Advertising space available and integrate our banners and/or write about us and our product (you will receive a personal affiliate link).
  • A user clicks on the banner or text and will be forwarded to the FLINK website. The order page recognizes that the user came from your site (based on your personal affiliate ID link).
  • The user rent one or more FLINK Hotspots through our website and the affiliate receives the commission.

Advertising package for FLINK affiliate partners:

  • A personal affiliate ID
  • Banners in various sizes
  • Example advertising texts

Buyable FLINK International Hotspots coming soon.

Benefits for travelers

  • Independence - no more searching for public WiFi networks
  • Reasonable - no surprises on telephone bill
  • Simple - booking – activating – connecting – surfing
  • Unique - visiting multiple countries during one trip and staying connected with one hotspot

Despite the anticipated EU roaming regulations in 2017, the FLINK International Hotspots work in over 100 countries worldwide. Therefore, European travelers will still need a roaming solution for outside the EU. Non-EU travelers traveling into the EU will not benefit from the upcoming regulations. Current status: EU citizens will be able to travel within the EU and use their home-contract and included data volumes. After these included volumes, they will have to pay for roaming.

How the Customer Orders

1. Order online through getflink.com
2. Choose first country of destination.
3. FLINK will deliver the hotspot to the home address or to a hotel/address shortly before customer arrives at the destination.
4. Customers can return the hotspot via a prepaid envelope.

Questions about the FLINK affiliate program?

Please contact us at +43 1 890 03 57-10 or affiliate@getflink.com.