Global WiFi, Unlimited Data

The Mobile FLINK WiFi Hotspot for Businesses in 140+ Countries


Stay connected

Use all of your necessary apps on the go. Enjoy staying connected, just like you are used to at home.

Borderless WiFi

Use one hotspot for multiple countries. Travel wherever you need without letting us know beforehand.

Smart and Simple

Using the FLINK Global WiFi Hotspot is as easy as it gets. No more wasting time searching for WiFi access.

Clear Pricing

Unlimited Data for a fixed price in over 140+ countries worldwide

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WiFi Hotspot

FLINK provides you with a mobile WiFi hotspot that connects your devices to the internet in 140+ countries.


"Using the FLINK Hotspot is really as easy as it gets. Turn it on, connect and stay connected"

Employee of an International Organisation

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